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How soon after the 3 day monistat treatment can you use a douce?

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DzooBaby 10 Oct 2012

DO NOT DOUCHE-EVER! Unless a Dr tells you to. Douching is bad for the vagina, in spite of what Summers Eve would have you believe. The vagina is a self cleaning organ and doesnt need douching. When you douche, you upset the balance of the vagina. You can remove the good bacterial flora and change the pH within the vagina that keep things like fungal infection in check. Douching may be the reason you had to use monistat in the first place. When you change vaginal pH or kill off the good bacteria by douching, it leads to overgrowth of bad bacterias and funguses that cause vaginal infection. Gynecologists recommend that you NEVER douche unless douching is prescribed by a doctor and it is a rare case where they recommend douching. The need to douche is an outdated practice. The best way to keep the vaginal area clean is just to bathe and clean the outer areas with a mild cleanser and water. The inner canal is self cleaning. The stickiness from Monistat 3 will dissapate in time. The drug is still working up to a full week after the first dose so if you douche it away, you may not fully recover from your infection plus you are compounding things by washing away good bacteria that needs to be present in the vagina, and changing vaginal pH, which is detrimental to this good bacterial flora and allows the bad organisms to overgrow leading to further bouts of infection. free discount card

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