Hello everyone.. my best friend just came home from prison, and was in a halfway house and rehab prior to that. she has been home for 2 weeks, and clean for 14 months. she asked me today if i could give her the money to see a dr. about starting suboxone.
prior to her jailtime and all of that, she was self-medicating with some of her friends suboxone, and was on the waiting list for her own. my mother is an active member of NA and has 8 years clean - she is against the use of suboxone. i expressed my concerns to my friend, but she seems dead set on getting this medication, and that scares me. i have spent much of the evening researching it online, and researching the drugs that it contains.. i plan on calling a dr. in the morning to hopefully learn more, but from what ive read, suboxone should be used to treat withdrawl, and should be started when youre feeling the symptoms of withdrawl.. if my friend has been clean 14 months, does she really need to be taking this medication?? i dont feel that she does.

please let me know - does she need it after 14 months cleantime??