... On 2/17/14 Down to HCV RNA Detected Less Than 15 iu/ml. On 3/26/15 If I'm ot mistaken the cobas ampliprep/cobas taqman hcv test Ver. 2.0 can't count anything below 16 meaning that I have less than 15 copies in my blood. Since it's been five days since I took the blood test it might be safe to say that the virus could be gone by now. I should be extremely excited by this. But after treating 1x time on the 3x shot a week of Interferon and Riba and two more tx's of the 1x shot a week on the Pegintron/Riba, once for 52 weeks and the third tx lasting almost two years and going negative after the first 2 to 4 weeks on all of them and then showing positive after the first two weeks off tx, I just can't seem to get that excited. Has anyone else gone through the same thing of doing three tx's and failing all after the tx's were done, Then after doing Harvoni for twelve weeks stayed negative after the tx was completed? I'm just curious and looking for a reason to get somewhat excited. If anyone else has gone through somethinmg similar, I'd like to hear about it. Thanks