After 12 years of success on Wellbutrin, my friend due to a job loss had to stop taking the drug. He had his first seizure. He then was placed on Wellbutrin XR, and he still had seizures. He currently takes Depakote, Effexor, and Trazadone. What is concerning is that he is experiencing side effects. I have observed that as the meds wear off he is very disoriented, hot flashes, etc. He states the Trazadone makes him feel horrible. Dr. Psychiatrist has just increased his Depakote ER, and he clearly shows hand tremors after taking a dose. My question is did the cold turkey stop of Wellbutrin cause the seizures? Can Depakote ER itself cause the side effects I have described. He can't even eat. Your help is greatly appreciated because he still does not have insurance because he cannot work. And he sleeps all the time. His current dose is