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After 10 days chantih not working for me why?Still smoking but less?

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palley860 3 Apr 2010

my future daughter in law is taking chantih and after 1mo. she finally admitted she doesn't want a cigerette any longer thou she thinks about it once in a while. Says she just gets busy with something to occupy her mind and it passes. So, everyone is different but give yourself at least a month and great things will happen... promise!

Inactive 3 Apr 2010

Chantix effects do vary from person to person. I used my one box as side effects, specfically intense, unpleasant dreams, made me decide that I did not want to continue the program. Accordingly, I went from a chemical which did suppress my desire to smoke and therefore produced positive benefit, to will power. At ten days, I was smoking less but did still enjoy smoking. The desire to quit effected me at the end of two full dose weeks.

allorahdanyn 5 Apr 2010

I am coming to the end of taking chantix. Lil more than a week left. I made my start date very, very late. Like a day or two AFTER they recommend. I wanna say I was on Chantix for a full two weeks before my quit date. I smoked my last cigarette and went to bed on a Wednesday night and Thursday woke up a nonsmoker. Chantix helped with the urge, made it more manageable. But you’re still going to have urges. I’ve said it before on these boards and I will say it again... Chantix is as close to a miracle pill us smokers are ever going to get, but it isn’t magic. Be prepared for the withdrawal. When you do quit completely, it takes 72 hours for the nicotine to physically get out of your system and I was having BAD withdrawal at about the 36 hour mark. It’s a rough road and you’re probably going to fall. Just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep going and know you’re not alone. Good luck. free discount card

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