I realize that a unit of Afrezza is not necessarily the same as a unit of say, Novolog. Dosing quantities take some "getting used to". Nevertheless, I've had an instance of a breakfast Afrezza bolus that produced a nearly a three hour "flatline" CGM reading on one day, yet the same Afrezza breakfast bolus for the exact same breakfast the next day produced a 275 mg. BG increase over the same three hour period of time! How can that be? 1) I KNOW the carb intake was exactly the same. That's one. 2) I BELIEVE the Afrezza unit dosage was the same. That's two. The only remaining variable is: the amount of Afrezza in the 4 unit cartridges must NOT have been the same or, alternatively, the quantity of the Afrezza delivered to my lungs was NOT the same on these two successive days! Can any other Afrezza user shed some light on this contradiction?