I post questions here all the time to help with me being paranoid.
I've been on bc combined monophasic pills for a year now.
I had sex without a condom (something I don't do often) on September 13. My period is due in 4 days and I'm scared it won't come or be on time. I had sex I believe 2 more times without a condom, with him not ejaculating in me (not effective, I know)

I hate that the period on bc isn't an accurate way to tell if you are or are not pregnant anymore. I used to rely on that when I wasn't on birth control and I can't find peace of mind without that.
I'm very worried that I may have become pregnant. My stomach is looking bigger than ever despite being the same weight (which isn't a tell sign but still).
Whenever I have sex with a condom and birth control, I feel at ease. But when I have my boyfriend ejaculate in me without a condom, I become very worried.

Is there anything that can help me with my nervousness? Also, I take my pills everyday, I have never missed one. The latest I've taken a pill in the past month or two is by 7 minutes.

Thank you