Around November of last year I had taken plan b about 4 hours after a scare had occurred (its important to note that i had not even had sex). I got the hormonal bleeding that lasted 3 days (did not count this as my real period), and then got my real period that was extremely late (by about 3 weeks) and it was heavy flow for about 6-7 days. Then about month later my period was due on Christmas, my period was late again by about 7 days and i got it on the 2nd of January, and that was heavy bleeding for about 7 days as well. My tracker said i was due on the 29th of January however, i have not felt any cramps (like usually do before my period) i have only had the normal discharge but also brown discharge too... I have read that brown discharge could be a sign im pregnant, i have had 3 of my periods since i took the pill and have even abstained from having sex since (im still a virgin)? I still haven't had my period yet, is plan b still affecting me or could i be pregnant?