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What affect does Metolazone have on Type 1 Diabetes Blood sugar tests?

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coloresue 9 Jun 2015

A rare case of {hyperosmolar nonketotic} hyperglycemia (increased blood sugar) is associated with metolazone. Increased sugar in the urine may also occur.

Since metabolic side effects are the most common and profound, I included them here: "The rapid onset of hyponatremia (low sodium) or hypokalemia (low potassium) is often sudden and may be profound, particularly if metolazone is given with a loop diuretic. Hypokalemia may be important in patients with underlying cardiac arrhythmias. Metolazone may increase serum calcium and uric acid levels and lower serum magnesium and phosphate levels." All of these levels are included in blood chemistries, often called CMP (Complete or Comprehensive Metabolic Panel). "Glucose intolerance is reported in rare cases." All of this information is from free discount card

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