I'm having my 2nd appointment with my team leader, and one of the lead counselors wants to sit in. I finished radiation in Feb, and they said they wanted to sit in with my next appointment with the radiologist. I told them -No- it's the end of the radiation-and I need to focus on what the doctor is saying and for my doctor to be able to speak freely. Where is privacy and confidentiality in this system? I'm sorry to be asking this again but my original ? and answers were removed. I now have a team of doctors that I like, but I worry if I take in the counselor, that Dr. Bernard might think that I don't trust him. I also don't want anything going on that distracts from the quality of the 20 minutes- like a 3 way conversation. Yet at the same time, this might be a chance to get the counselors off my back. They didn't help me in getting rid of the 1st oncologist that wanted to cut the bone, flesh, skin, eye, and nose out of the right side of my face. I complained-I called the head quarters and complained, They'd say OK you're an important, we're listening to you- don't worry-and I'd call or go up a week later and I still had the same idiot-senile doctor that wouldn't answer questions. This counselor wanted to know who my shrink was and what counseling group I went to. I told him none. He said that all cancer patients need counseling. I told him that I needed an administration that listened to complaints. I'd start politely asking to talk to somebody that had power to authorize a change of doctors. They'd refer me to the chaplain or this guy. I'd go back and say There has to be somebody that does this-and they'd refer me to the head nurse or my nurse navigator. Any I cussed in 7 languages and then used the magic words--lawyer and state health board. I got a new doctor-they said- I don't know if letting this counselor sit in would get these people off of my back. For the release of medical records- I made a blanket form- any doctor and to expire a 100 years after I die. They got mad-U can't do that. I keep picking up new specialist and referrals to specialists- How am I supposed to know the names- This needs to be done until I die-and maybe somebody might want to research this-like the dermatologist. I told them that I made blanket medical releases in the military-I know it's legal- and my family shouldn't have to be trotting up there all of the time-and begging a counselor for a release form. I just don't know if I should contact the doctor and ask him if it would bother him and apologize, or I should let the counselor in-and maybe they might understand that I'm telling the truth-that this nasty thing can get me in 3-4 different ways. I need your advice and opinion.