... that actiq can only be covered if patient has cancer diagnosis. I have severe pain from disc herniation and have been on for 15 months with my companies old insurance plan.(Healthnet). I had to go from 3 suckers per day down to zero and am not paying the 2500 dollars per month out of my own pocket for these. Am already taking long lasting and breakthrough medication in the form of fentanyl patches and dilaudid. The pain I experience can come on very suddenly and there is no substitute for the extremely rapid relief provided by the actiq suckers. Fentanyl patches are covered by my insurance for my ailment. In addition the literature section indications and usage provided by the manufacturer of the fentanyl patch states that before treating a patient with a modified release opioid such as the patch, an evaluation of treatment with an immediate release opioid is advisable. This sounds like a catch-22. Do I have any chance of appealing this rule or does anyone have any information on a program for cost reduction, etc?