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I have Aetna insurance does anyone know how hard it is to get pre certified for Harvoni?

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mildredlozier 3 Feb 2015

If you google Aetna / Harvoni - it has the forms with all the prerequisites for pre-authorization. My doctors filled everything out and I was approved but the meds came direct from Total Care Pharmacy. They were shipped to me. And I have to go to clinic at the liver center every two weeks. I also had a liver biopsy (about a year ago) - no cirrosis, Stage 1 liver disease, Geno type 1. Can't remember what my viral load was. But from what I have read - Aetna is one of the better insurers and has worked out a deal with Gilead - the manufacturer. Good Luck! I JUST started treatment and I have Aetna Insurance.

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Jcoke9358 4 Feb 2015

Thank you nothing but encouragement!

Djwebb 9 Feb 2017

I haven't started yet. It will be about the 16th of february. I did call aetna and they said my co pay would be 35.00, not bad at all, just waiting for bloodwork to come back and next visit.

Junkyard 11 Feb 2015

I also have Aetna through my work. My dr sent the info in about 2 weeks ago. They played with the app for a couple of days. I called and got them to pull the app off the fax machine. They have played with the approval by asking for some info that was on the app, I know because I filled the app out for my dr all but his info. When I called they told me what info they needed and I gave it to them. They played around for a few more days, then Monday they approved the app and sent the approval to my dr. He faxed the prescription on Monday, I called today and the pharmacy has the prescription and was told they would call me in the next 24 hrs with copay and shipping confirmation. I also gave them the copay assistance that Gilead offers as well. I am hopeful I hear from them tomorrow so they will set up shipping.

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mildredlozier 12 Feb 2015

I started the process in October - but I wasn't going to start treatment until February, so there was no delay for me. The pharmacy is Total Care Pharmacy. They ship the meds directly to you via fedex - but someone has to be there to receive the package. I think they probably need to make sure people are going to be compliant... meaning... they have to take the medication as prescribed, drink no alcohol at all during treatment, and get the blood work done as required. I think they want to check the viral load at 4 weeks. I am in a liver clinic at a university hospital - so I have to attend the clinic as required... once a month. They prescribed the full 12 week treatment for me as 'genotype 1, treatment naive, no cirrosis' - Thumbs up for everyone!

Jcoke9358 12 Feb 2015

Thanks for your help junk yard

buford3927 19 Mar 2015

Aetna here as well.Did initial ultrasound and blood work early in Jan, pills were on my doorstep Jan 19. 1st script no prob. Second needed more blood work at 2 1/2 weeks. 3rd the MDs office got thstooopid. Got it in time and now into 7th week. MDs office tried to play it off saying I was cured 2 1/2 weeks into treatment. I went from 10,300,000 to under 15. Heavy drinker but I give up alcohol Jan-June for MY lent. Aetna wants proof it's working, that you really need it. I'm grateful for the $5 copay. Specialty pharmacy is great MDs office is not good following up.

learjet2112 23 Mar 2015

This drug was kind of a surprise to the insurance companies but the states etc, have all made their deals so everyone who has insurance should start to be getting the meds if not already. A good strong dr is also good to have to have get thru glitches. Use them as a great resource. You will get your meds and welcome to the cure

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