Hi, i am a 22 year old woman trying to figure out how to get through to my doctor. I am diagnosed as adhd with depression and underlying anxiety.
Now all my scores are the same, but i am being given a medicine called buporipion. Now im concered, as ive done extensive research about how adhd often causes the depression and anxiety that females feel. In high school i was diagnosed as bipolar with adhd and they gave me anti depressants and mood stabilizers and NOTHING HELPED. After being on 200 mg seroquel twice a day at age of 17 i gave up. I failed out of school because i couldnt handle it. Im concerned im going down same path of treating symtoms and not the root problem being adhd. My main stressers are not being able to concentrate or focus, its frustrating and i get so overwhelmed. Then i get behind and feel like i have a million things i HAVE to get done, or worry about how im supposed to get it done. It feels impossible so enter in the depression.

And my anxiety has always been worse than the depression, and I'm not seeing this medication helping at all. Only been two days but i feel uptight and agitated to no end.

Back to the question, how do i advocate for myself? Ive tried having my prescription of codeine filled once as i have a degenerative back condition and was accused of drug seeking. (I had two refills left?) I want to try treating the adhd first, and figure out whats left after. With a brother and father with adhd i dont know why its been overlooked so far.

Any feedback helpful, just at my wits end. Ive been waiting for a call from local mental health to ask them but no response yet.