I moved to a new house, and my anxiety kicked in like there is no tomorrow. every little thing was giving me panic attacks & constantly negative thoughts.

Effexor worked for me in past but this time around it did not do the trick so doctor switched me to Pristiq 50mg.

I am on Day 11 of Pristiq. it is definitely keeping my body very calm and helping with my panic attacks, somehow i feel sad almost all the time. I dont feel like doing much. if i compare myself before I took Pristiq then i can say it definitely helped me with my anxiety and panic attacks. but i am wondering am I going to improve from here OR this is it? i want to get back to do the things i Like and feel happy. but it seems like I am not adjusting myself to new house yet & i am very sad. Another big problem is i feel great at night, however in the morning its like I have to start over again to control my negative thoughts.