So three days ago I woke up to my lower cheek being swollen and a bump appeared above one of my front teeth under the lip. I figure its an abscess and make a dentist appointment for today. This dentist put crowns on four of my front teeth and performed a root canal on 2 of them about 4 months ago. I get to the dentist and he is surprised that the hurt tooth is one he did a root canal on. He does an xray and says he doesn't see anything but it is likely a fractured root or something like that. He asks me if I have bitten anything hard or had trauma on the tooth. I remember and tell him this is the tooth that a post broke on and he had to put a titanium post in. When he was removing the old post he had a hard time and was banging/digging around in the tooth. Could he have fractured my tooth then? anyway he tells me to go see a endo something specialist for surgery and does not drain the abscess nor give me any pain pills. He also told me I could need an implant, I have no insurance. Anyway I do not trust him anymore and am not sure what I should do. I even noticed the hurt tooth's crown wiggles a little bit. Could antibiotics take care of this on their own? should I go see the root canal specialist or a different kind of dentist? any help would be greatly appreciated.