He was diagnosed with a spontaneous CSF leak. No known cause. He drips spinal fluid from his nose. He had several surgeries to close it, for the most part, successful. He since was in a coma for 2 weeks for contracting a strep infection that led to encephalitis, meningitis, and septic. Miraculously, he came out of it 15 days later with minimal damage. He has a drop foot and severe short term memory loss. He recently started having seizures. Only 2, meds seem to be keeping that under control. It is his personality changes that are so difficult to live with. He is angry all of the time, he is short tempered, and very verbally abusive, especially towards me. I do nothing right, I am stupid, I lie to him (about things he can't remember), and on and on, I can go. He is not the same man I married. I have stuck by him throughout this entire journey,(10+) years. I feel inadequate, angry, unappreciated, etc... What do I do? Where do I turn? It has almost become unbearable. I am Catholic, for better or worse, right?? Is there anyone out there with any words of wisdom? Place to turn for help? Any thing now would be most appreciated. Thanks, Liz