Hello! I am just concerned about pregnancy and the symptoms of Plan B. I took Plan b twice this month (once on October 8th within 24 hours and then again on October 13th within 3 hours). The date of my last period was on October 1 and my cycle is usually around 28-31 days. Starting on the 22nd I experienced light bleeding (dark red to brown, to light) until the 29th (eight days of bleeding/spotting) and I am now experiencing light cramping but I have not experienced anymore bleeding. I was wondering if these are symptoms of the Plan b, my chances of pregnancy, and whether or not that would be considered my actual period or not. It last 8 days and was a week early from my expected period. Thank you for the help and I appreciate your thoughts and advice!! Tomorrow would be the last day to "expect" my period but I'm not sure if I should still expect it or not.

(I am also not on any form of birth control as I have experienced negative side effects with the pill but I realize and aware I need some sort of birth control)