Hi, I am a 15 year old girl and I was sexually abused by a stranger when I was 7 years old, walking home from a friend. I recently told my therapist about it but the abuse it self is in a blackout. She said it was normal and that my symptoms match with sexual abuse, and she is sure of it. On Monday she is going to tell my mother. I knew that it would happen soon though. But I didn't know she had to tell the children authorities.
I will need to go to interviews and therapy at a place for kids that have been sexually abused.
I'm really scared of needing to tell someone else about it because it took 8 years to tell my therapist. Do you know what the people in that place will do? What's the therapy like? Do I need to go to some examinations? (because I don't want that)

Can you explain to me what I will do in that therapy the next months?