Started in 2001 with 5mg daily for severe vertigo. The vertigo problems abated by 2003, but by 2016 I was still taking the drug. I decided last July to taper off and get clean on my own.

I cut down to 2.5 daily instantly for 6 months. In January reduced down to 1.25. All that time increasingly getting side effects which I attributed to other conditions, chronic fatigue, sleep apnea,etc.

Now I am a dismal wreck with immense anxiety, irritibility, tightness in waist,pressure in chest, numbness from chest to head and heart palpitations and more!

Obviously it appears I cut down much too rapidly 8 months ago. I tried for detox/rehab but my insurance co./Medicare say they can do nothing.

I saw two doctors this week and was told to go back to 5mg STAT until I enter a program or do it properly on my own. Easier said than done!

Any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated. I am 72 and was in great psysical and mental condition until this disaster.