My skin broke out while I took simvastatin/statin. I looked pretty bad-chapped lips-dry skin falling off of sores-zits under one eye. I looked like a homeless person. I'm having another flare up-just some back spasms, zits under my eyes, black heads on my forearms. Originally I thought that facial sunscreen was doing it. Stopped that, then just used water and clean hands to clean face. Then realized it was a side-effect-even had sores on my tongue-thought that I was biting it. One sore-scabby dry skin falling off for now healed up, another seems 2B healing, one is size of dime and a problem. Right now, I'm using Avon pore reducer-that helped arms, I use a gentle face cleaner, and Olay hydrator for the day. I don't wear any make up-so at least, I know that's not the problem. My doctor had his nurses come in and talk-I had only used water for months-but I still had flare-ups-they suggested going back to facial cleanser, suggested the gentle mask/pore reducer. Doctor conferred with some dermatologists-presented this to them-reccommended beauty regime-so I talked to the nurses. So can you people give me some ideas- Please-