I hit puberty at age nine and have ALWAYS had horrific pain. It was normal for me to miss a full week of school each month. I know for a fact I have multiple cysts on both my ovaries. I am now 20 years old and I can't keep a job because I bleed almost constantly and my cramps prevent me from standing on my own two feet let alone being able to handle daily life at work without throwing up from pain or crying. I've begged my doctor to allow me for surgery but she says no because I'm so young and might want children one day. Shes an idiot I'm 50% probably infertal and if I ever did get pregnant I feel like it would miscarriage from the cysts. The pain is horrifying... I watched my sister give birth with more ease than me with cramps. My periods are extremely irregular almost last all month just with a couple days of no bleeding and I get severe nausea and hot flashes. My doctor is doing nothing to help me and I'm at my end here I don't know what to do... will an emergency room help me???