I have been on oxycodone/ace Tylenol can't spell that big word sorry I have been taking 6-7 10/325 a day for nerve damage to my back an shoulder for 2 years. Burned 8 nerves in my upper left spine. Pain is always there an varies so I take one or two more than I should. An I run out an crash not only that I am scared I'll end up with liver damage or something. I wanna quite but the stupid pain is there an I do run out an I crash. I wanna get off them an want my old self back before my accident never taken pain meds before ever! An I want that life back! I am tired of depending on meds please any advice. I am on day one with out any. An if anyone could advise how long I'd be crashing for or being like this please tell me possibly how long till I am back to my old self.