Hello everyone. I have done some reading and that in itself helped so I felt compelled to ask for advice.

I recently had a back surgery about 5 months ago. I am prescribed Norco 10mg and as of late have definitely abused them. I am still in pain, considerably less, but pain no doubt.

I bought a home recently and unfortunately set myself back with the move which increased my usage. I have been taking 7-10 pills now daily. Once again, I am still in pain so I feel I need the pills but not to the extent that I use. Today I actually decided to cut back and boy what a bad day.

The problem is I know I am very mentally addicted at this point and my body went through w/D and I am still taking pills at a lower dose.

I smoke cannabis which helps but I am looking for advice on weaning here. I have taken vic/Norco for well over a year and for the last two months have averaged 70mg daily at minimum.

I want to get back to my 4 a day and soon none after my back pain is manageable with otc pain medication.

Any thoughts?