I have been a heroin addict for 10 years and have been on methadone since July 2009 (90 ml) have been clean off heroin for just over 3 months. I am going on holiday with my family who do not know I am on drugs, in 3 weeks time. I am going to a country with one of the strictest customs in the world and I therefore don't want to take opiates with me. I started rapidly reducing my methadone about a month ago, 5 ml reduction every 3 days. I felt fine as I was determined. I got down to 50 and then self-reduced straight down to 25 then the next two days 20, this was 6 days ago. When I told my drug workers what I had done they transferred me to subutex, I took my first one about 36 hours ago having left about a 48 hour gap between that and the methadone. I have had 3 previous experiences with subutex and the last one was absolute hell (think looking back must have been precipitated withdrawal but also my mind was just not in the right place - that detox was forced on me whereas this one is entirely of my own accord) therefore, this time is nowhere near as bad but i still feel rough and lacking in energy and my mood is so low, whereas before i was doing amazing, working out every day and felt so happy. i want to come off subutex preferably in 2 weeks, 3 max for the reason explained above. I am on 8mg at the moment. I am also so scared about how low i feel, but i know from past experience this should only be temporary. I am living with my partner who still uses heroin infront of me and indeed i am scoring his heroin for him. I know I should be so proud of my determination and how far I have come, from a £150 a day IV H habit and more latterly a crack addiction as well, to this. But I feel so low. I would appreciate any advices.