my daughter is addictes to several prescription meds which is close to taking her life,tried all agencies here in winnipeg manitoba, all are limited resources due to lack of treatment centers and 3 month waiting lists, yet the government is waisting 50 million on a new human xxxx museum as well as a new football stadeum,while so many manitobans are loosing the battle to addictions,idiots should have put the funding into a new addictions center and save the future,the past is gone and always be,you idiots need to wake up, but be that as it may, i need advice on how to help her deal with withdrawl symtoms,and how long do we both have to suffer through it, im not giving up on her,she is now ready for this on her own will,and yes supprise 3 months if i leave it up to the medicare system we have to help,its been a tough haul but will be worth it to have my daughter back, buys her pills off the streets from the rough area, old ladies fool the doctors for every thing from perks to oxys,benzos,t-3s and what ever else to get a high on and sell them for a nice tidy profit to live on, they need to wake the xxxx up as well as some certain doctors who fall for this, shame on u all... but no any advice will help me,if i loose her ill know that i tried my best, thank you