brief history: started mirtazapine (remeron) 1 year ago, 15mg for sleep. 5 months ago the doctor decided to taper me off slowly due to weight gain and always feeling not quite right on it, With the help of a compounding pharmacy, he started tapering me off 2mg at a time via capsules. It worked great. recently I was down to 5mg. went down to 4mg and had a hard time. Doc decided to do a slower drop down at 0.5mg drop every 3 weeks or so.
The pharmacist suggested to the doc that a liquid suspension would be more accurate. I tried the liquid last night at 5mg, (didn't want to drop until I knew it worked ok). within a minute, I got a terrible headache, severe agitation, hostile, anxious, and speeded out. did not sleep one bit and this morning I feel speeded out and very uneasy. I was concerned after reading on the internet other peoples liquid doses, because mine seemed so high in the milliliters. Here's what my bottle says:
my name
mirtazapine 1mg/ml sus 150ml
take 4.5ml every night, and then drop dosage 0.5ml after 3 weeks.

well, this is the exact mg's I would of taken. I think I remember the pharmacist even saying the dosing is the same. but isn't that what it means at the top ... 1mg/ml etc...

if for some reason I took way to much, and then went back to my 5mg pill tonight, will my body withdraw incase I gave it a lot more last night, or should it be ok? I will ofcourse callmy doctor, but he is close to impossible to reach right away. sometimes it takes him several days to get back to me.
any help would be so appreciated. thank you!