Hi everyone! I've been dealing with a severe panic disorder for over 10 years now ( I'm now 28). My panic attacks come in the form mostly of not being able to breathe or just feeling like I can't get a breath in. Hands, face get tingly I get dizzy and lightheaded and these will last all day long. I've tried countless meds like paxil, lexapro, Zoloft, effexor, buspar, Xanax and a few more that I can't remember off hand. Xanax worked great but I get these attacks so often that I would need to take it everyday which I didn't like because I noticed severe withdraws when I didn't take them so I stopped taking them. I also have ADHD so my doctor now has prescribed me 20mg xr once a day, celexa 20mg once a day at night, and Klonopin for emergency situations. Anyone currently on these meds? If so what are your experiences with combining these?