and then Synthroid and I could not tolerate either medications. I had severe headaches, was up for almost a month, anxiety with other horrible psyc feelings, and nausea. We even tried half of the lowest dose 3 times a week. I have all the hypothyroid symptoms. My tsh was 4.57. I am getting different information on treating this and now a new doctor offered me the generic of the medicine I took. I feel and look horrible and cannot get enough sleep. I never gained so much weight for my small frame. I want to see a naturopathic dr. or functional medicine one but have no coverage for those Drs. Can someone please give me some ideas. I have never been so frustrated and have been to 1 endocrinologist, Aprn, and three family Drs. I'm even confused about what I should be eating. Any help will be greatly appreciately.