My husband is addicted to percocets. I brought him to rehab 2 days ago. It was his decision and now I'm left picking up the pieces. He lost his job and left me with no money. We have a son who is a year and a half. Now a week before christmas,bills to be paid and rent due in 2 weeks I do not know what to do. I work 2 days a week cause I don't make much and we would be paying out more for child care. I just applied for cash assistance because I do not make a lot of money but nervous I will not get it and will be kicked out of my apartment cause I can not afford the rent myself. I am so stressed,upset, mad etc. I am a big ball of emotions right now. I want to be supportive but how can I when he put us in this position. I am trying to be strong for my son. I really need advice!! Anyone!! Help!!