I have lost 24,000 hours of sleep over 32 years due to chronic insomnia, pain, restless legs, PTSD and resentments. im living in a fog. I currently take 1-3mg of clonozapam and 900 mg of nurontin daily. I am only able to ask this question today because i took 20mg of adderral. I am so sick of life that i dont care about side effects anymore. my quality of life is so poor that i dont want to live anymore. I have had past diagnosis of PTSD, schizophrenia, scizo-effective, depression and anxiety. I have taken tens of thousands of dollars in prescriptions that have not done anything positive. Trazadone gave me a hangover, seroquel really put me into a fog. the others had little or no effect. I feel like a walking zombie and need MAJOR results, not most doctors pussyfooting around results. any med advice would be appreciated. one last think- im grateful that im sober cause these pills don't work with booze. if you have this problem give Alcoholics Anonymous a shot, it works if you work it.