and today is exactly 3 weeks clean. My boyfriend and I both take 1/4 suboxone in the morning and 1/4 at night, sometimes only once a day, but the withdrawals are terrible. I am sweating and have goosebumps all day no matter what. The suboxone is just keeping me sane & sleeping. Smoking weed helps A LOT. I really don't want to take the subs anymore, but my boyfriend is up for taking them for a year. I'm scared I'm just putting off the inevitable. What is the best way to take suboxone? Should it only be taken once a day? This is the first time I'm taking the subs seriously & I want to do it right, but I also don't want to depend on suboxone for another year if I feel crappy all day no matter what. I've heard about the blood pressure pills? Clonodine or something? I just don't want to take benzos or even smoke weed, but I can't seem to get through this any other way. I'm open to any and all advice. Tapering, not tapering, anything.. I'm 21, beautiful and nobody in my real life knows. I'm so ready to be done with this!