A little back story here.. My girlfriend of 25 has crohn's disease, she has had it for who knows how long, but has been trying to find out for this past year. upon having it and being diagnosed. She has been prescribed medicine to treat for the ulcers, and also Tramadol and Prozac to deal with the pain and stress. Lately for unknown reasons still, she had been taking more than normal of the tramadol, and still taking prozac. she then had taken a xanax during this time. and when I believe to make her not fully coherent on the reality of things, and she is very forgetful and just not herself, when I found out and noticed these symptoms. I had her taken to the ER and then had her treated which led me to find out that this is what happened. she was there yesterday and today she was sent to a place to be evaluated to make sure she was not dangerous to anyone or herself.. and earlier this morning when she was still at the hospital, she seemed pretty coherent and alert than she was, but later tonight upon visiting her after she was transported, she was back to being incoherent... I should also add on the subject during this period when she was taking them more than normal and when this happened was wednesday 11/13/13 to now 11/16/13 she had only had maybe 4 hours of sleep total before she was made to sleep this morning. I guess my question is what anyone might think is happening, I have heard that even though it isn't in her blood or urine that it is still in her system and it will take a while to get it out. but I'm worried if this is permanent, or if her being at home with family and friends and me would be better for her.. and what I should expect when she is released? I just don't know how to deal with this all. I feel like I have no help..