Hi All, I am out of the hospital now and the headache is down to a 5/10 which is more manageable. I am actually sleeping again, which has been a while since that has happened. Life is looking a bit more rosy now a days, but I have a question about Gabapentin, I started this drug before going into the hospital 100mg 3x per day, when I came out of the hospital I was on 300mg 3 x per day. Yesterday when I woke I had blurry vision which has not got any better and even with new glasses about a month ago I could see clearer then I can today. Does this drug do this, I came down on the dose yesterday in the hope that today I could see clearer, but it is still blurry.
Has this happened to anyone else, did it last for long. Any advice would be great, thanks. Liz.