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What advice does anyone have with the problem of the ineffectiveness of today’s generic Adderall?

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Rainstars 19 Oct 2018

I have the same problem with generic Adderall that does nothing. Why?

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klinke65 20 Oct 2018

I know the main problem is the generic makers are allowed to mess with up to 20% of the ingredients in their versions of the formula. 20% makes up for a huge part if it is just barely working for you, as it is with me. I have 4 diagnosis’ that I am dealing with that I use Adderall for
1. ADD
2. treatment resistant Major Depressive Disorder
3. Eating disorders
4. Brain injury (although mild in some comparisons, I can really see it’s effects).
When I tried using name brand one month (which cost around $400 out of pocket) I ended getting the same product, which I still don’t understand when they explained that to me. I have come to the conclusion that I think they just ripped me off again. I’m not sure if there even is a name brand anymore after Teva bought Barr (or at least bought their Adderall)

marzboy777 20 Oct 2018

I take a generic form or Adderall; the tablet is pink and I take 20mg in the morning and 20mg in the evening. I'm sharing this information because the med works fine. So I don't think it's a case of ALL generic tablets being ineffective--perhaps you have to do a little research. I know... that "hit or miss" thing sucks to high heaven. Anyway, best of luck.

Rainstars 20 Oct 2018

Prescribed 20mg generic Adderall twice a day. The tablet is a peach oval--Side 1 b 973
Side 20. TEVA is the manufacturer.
These tablets are ineffective and I was wondering how many others are experiencing the same problem. I appreciate all comments. Thanks

Nitro061 23 Oct 2018

Sorry but generic and brand name are exactly the same. I found with myself and clients that it’s very much a psychosomatic thing. Basically it’s in your head and I have been there and trust me Big Pharmaceutical companies watch generic companies like a hawk. Because they lose 100s of billions when their patents run.

If they find any generic brand does not meet strict standards and requirements they of course will shut them down and that makes one less competitor when doctors prescrib their brand and they line that doctors pockets with lots of perks, attractive women and men bring their whole office lunch and pass out free samples.

In Canada we 90% use generic and it saves billions. Only recently has the US allowed any generic drugs. They used to actually have laws, campaigns and stories about how generic drugs are unsafe, weak, 100 times a dose.

Jlrappa 22 Nov 2018

I have to say there are definitely differences between adderall & different generic forms of adderall! I was taking Teva 30 mg forever, years! Then one day, I got pink round pills. Awful! After that I went searching for a pharmacy that carried Teva. None! Something happened and there was a shortage I was told. This was many years ago. So I suffered with so-so generics that werent that potent but I got through my day. Now, about 6 months ago heres where things went downhill. I picked up the absolute WORST generic form ever made! They were white octagon pills from a company called mallinckrodt. Beware!! For months I was sick and realized these fake adderall generics were to blame! They didnt even work, they made me angry and tired and I felt as if I had the flu.I was in a fog and barely made it through my days as they all melted into one.

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