So I had my first really bad anxiety attack back in February I was prescribed 1mg klonopin for a couple weeks left that got on xanax with prozac an that didn't work so I went back to the kpens an they stopped working so now I'm back on xanax 1mg I'm prescribed 4x a day but I take 3 cuz I'm scared my mom said 4 is a lot so now I'm having symptoms for some reason an idk why I'm feeling nauseas weak I always have brain fog an I get zoned out when I haven't took it in awhile I wanna stop pills overall but I have to overcome a lot my main therapist leaves sept 2nd for a new job so now I have to be assigned a new one my doctor isn't really great of one he just asks me wat I want an I'm on my way I can't even tell him my symptoms if I don't find the right meds soon imma taper down get off them an deal with anxiety its gonna be hell but it took a lot of courage for me to take pills again considering I was sober almost a year then I got on anxiety meds I'm scared to try anymore antidepressants becuz of the symptoms some have an Ive been feeling pretty bad on xanax an idk why my doc refused to prescribe me ativan saying it wasn't as potent as klonopin or xanax an I won't touch Valium cuz I use to mess with it recreationally an it would knock me out easy so my options were short but I knew a girl who was on xanax 4x a day an she's fine an has no symptoms (yeah right) but anyway I felt comfortable try in something again but without the antidepressant an its just not working so good I feel but then again my diet isn't healthy so any advice would be great