I think I am having an adverse side effect to my watson percs 10mg/325apap. I get this abnormal type of itching. Feels like something is crawling under skin instead of norm opiate itch. I used to take oxycodone 30 no apap amnd I have taken 7.5mg/325 percs w/o problem. If I try a diff generic like endocet can this still happen? This happened before but I didnt think of this possibility. I am not allergic to codeine or tylenol. I thought gen had to follow same guidelines or maybe its the combo. I am confused. Im hoping this is a side effect not an allergy. No rash or trouble breathing. Only need this part pain med for 2 1/2 more weeks surgy first of august. Please someone who might now a possible explaination respond. Oh I might try endocet 10mg/apap to c if a diff. Thanks