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Advantage of rapaflo over flomax?

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kaismama 4 Jul 2014

They are both the same class of drugs and do the same thing. But since no two humans are exactly the same, one can work better then the other for different people.

curtislv426 11 Jul 2014

Rapaflo's advantage over flomax is that it is supposed to work the same but allow you to ejaculate regularly and not into your bladder like flomax often does. I however was not able to take Rapaflo because I had zero energy while taking it. Flomax worked the best for me to relax the prostate but would still make me sluggish. I found it best to take at night to sleep off some of the side effects. I took it for almost a year and the sexual side effect diminished and i was able to climax normally.

Hapklein 23 May 2017

I am 82 years old and took rapaflo for 3 years without problems.

I decided that if Flomax was equal and less costly I would try it.

After 60 days I was leaking and having a terrible time getting the bladder emptied.

Its a lot more expensive but for my needs rapaflo does do its job. free discount card

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