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Advair Diskus - do u take adair first then wait 5 min and take ventolin?

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Inactive 16 Jan 2012

Hello mrslippio. I read up on your question and truth be told, I don't believe it matters which one is taken first. I use Advair Discus but not Ventolin. You might phone your pharmacist or doctor to confirm or get thier opinion. (I'm not a doctor). Best of wishes,pledge

smileyhappy 16 Jan 2012

Hi Mrslippo,
I take Advair Discuss and I believe you do not take ventalin with that. There is an ingredient replacing ventalin in it. Call the pharmacist to make sure o.k..

smileyhappy 16 Jan 2012

I believe you take ventalin to open the airway then take flovent to help heal the lungs. free discount card

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