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Can adults use intuniv or is it just for children?

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chuck1957 28 May 2016

INGirl; This medication can be used for whatever age patient if the doctor thinks you can benefit from it, LIKE any other medication be it a child or adult the doctor has to put you on slow and gradually increase until you reach the correct dose, While the are watching your blood pressure and other side effects, Just talk to your doctor. It does not have anything to do with age.

INGirl 29 May 2016

Thank you

chuck1957 29 May 2016

INGirl' Not a problem at all I am sorry it took so long to get an answer from us please feel free to repost here anytime there are a lot of great people to help and most the time it would not take this long to get an answer. Try and remember bookmark us so it's easy to find so if you have other questions later you know which is the right place to go. have a great weekend. chuck1957

INGirl 30 May 2016

No biggie! You have a good weekend as well! free discount card

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