I am a 30 yr man who was diagnosed with developmental delay as a child. Throughout my life I have never seemed to grown out of it. Recently my parents learned about autism and specifically what Asburger's Autism is and I fit every single classification of that to a T. I have been unable to sustain fulfilling employment, took me 6 years to graduate a 2 yr college degree program, live with my parents and I know I have problems understanding some social situations and some directions. I have no insurance and the evaluation costs 1.5k, I cannot afford that. I am not asking for a hand out I have means to make this work but I'd like to avoid selling my furniture and clothes to do this, so does anyone know of what I can do? Or point me in the direction of where to go to get help?
My state (Oklahoma) refused to accept Obamacare so I am only eligible for contraceptives not medical treatment or Medicaid.