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Adult Human Growth Hormone Deficiency - Can you help me find an hgh support group?

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rockinrobyn77 5 Nov 2015

Hi, my name is Robyn. I was just recently diagnosed with AGHD and started taking Genotropin 0.2 mg. shots every day. I'm just finishing my 3rd week of injections. I am looking for a support group too! I live in the Houston, Texas area. Are you anywhere even NEAR here? Have a great day! -Robyn✨

PinkyLee 2 Dec 2015

hi Robyn, i am in Arizona. also just recently diagonsed with AGHD - years of debilitating deficiency problems and no doc had a clue before i saw an endocrinologist and got all the testing done right. currently waiting for my insurance to approve me but not sure if they will - scheduled to be on the same dosage you take (hopefully it will be approved) - i guess we just keep looking for the support somewhere -(other than my doc who "tells me that i will feel better when on the meds.") --thanks for posting!

ej2468 16 Oct 2016

Hi Robyn, How is your treatment working?

I don't live very close (Washington state), but online makes the distance not matter much. I was diagnosed Dec 2012. The growth hormone replacement (Nutropin, then Omnitrope) took care of 50-60% of my health issues. At least I had the energy to pursue solutions to the other deficiencies.

growth hormone is one of several endocrine hormones I am deficient in. I belong to an adrenal deficiency support group also. Even though that group has a lot more members, it appears everyone is spread out across the country. The in-person support group for that is 300 miles away.

I'd love to hear how you're doing now that it's almost a year after you started treatment. free discount card

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