I am 51 yrs young and have never had a bad problem with acne. A breakout here and there in high school. That's bout it. I am at the point now that I break out really bad, on the very tip of my nose??? I've noticed it happens about 1ce a month. Breakout, pop, pop, pop, clean w/philosophys purity cleanser and in the a.m. I use exfoliating scrub. Then at night my retinal pads and Argan Oil around the eyes, forehead, cheeks and neck. But about the beginning of summer out of nowhere the very tip of my nose got like 5-10 big pimples!!! I popped them and dabbed on some antibiotic ointment hoping that would help clear them up. The next morning the tip of my nose is hugely swollen to the point its actually sore. Filled with blood! My pores are hugh and I seriously look like a clown! I've tried everything from a peel to a facial steam and just squeezing it out! I can't afford the expensive Oil of Olay for adult acne and the likes. I need a good ol home remedy or medication. Yes I have rosacea that only reacts to drinking any sort of alcoholic drink, and then it's just red hot cheeks. Its only on the tip of my nose... I can't cover it up with make-up because it's SO swollen my pores are so big make-up seems to highlight it. If there's anyone with a visual that can help, that would be an answer to my prayers. Thanks