... the diagnosis of a metastatic brain tumor and subsequent removal. She was on it for about a month and yesterday was her first full day without it after tapering off for 12 days. Last night she started experiencing severe stomach pain; this morning she is coughing up blood which appears to be coming from her nose and/or lungs. My question is this: does anyone have any knowledge or experience of side-effects after tapering off? Could these symptoms be the steroid or should we look in a different direction? We will obviously be calling her oncologist later but any help in the meantime is sincerely appreciated. We've been through hell in the past 11 months--from an initial diagnosis of breast cancer to a secondary diagnosis of another primary lung cancer (which is what went to her brain). She has been through resection of her right lung, a double mastectomy, removal of a brain tumor, chemotherapy, and two rounds of radiation. Any help would be wonderful. Thank you!