I was resently diagnosed with Adrenal Insufficiency and was placed on Hydrocortisone, double dose for the first five days because I was in Adrenal Crisis at the time of diagnosis. Am I understanding right? Will I have this problem the rest of my life? This all came about 7-Days ago, so my Endocrinologist dosen't know why as yet, except that both my Adrenal Glands are 250% larger then normal, she's took blood for two tests, one test is being sent to the Mayo Clinic even though she said she was pretty much ruling out cancer because of the nice smooth surface and perfect shape of both Adrenal Glands. She also immediately told me that I had to get an Medical Alert Bracelet and had to wear this all the time and that if I had any surgeries, emergencies, or the like the DR.s had to call her before doing anything to me to help insure I was treated in the right way. So I ask again, will I have this for the rest of my life?