... 3/21 & was continued on my celexa 40mg, klonopin 1mg 3 times a day(for anxiety as well as leg jerking at night which stems from nerve damage in my lumbar region) and trazadone 100 mg at bed time. Doctor gave my fentanyl, 50mcg every 3 days back to me (took a break because it was wreaking havoc on my digestive system) changed my muscle relaxer (chronic muscle spasms) from zanaflex 4 mg,4 times a day to flexoril 10mg. Instructions were to take the zyrtech, flexoril, 1 klonopin and trazadone at bed time on to of the already applied patch. Was ENTIRELY too much for my system. Felt blood pressure bottom out, nearly fainted going to bed. My question is, does anyone take similar or the same meds and is it ok to move maybe the zyrtech and flexoril to a day time dose? I tend to be very sensitive to many medications so I just want this fog I'm I'm to go away. Tired of wanting to sleep constantly. I literally feel like uggs developed narcolepsy! Just randomly falling asleep where ever it decided to hit. I have a nearly 3 yr old child so I can't be doing that!