i am 20 5'8 female and diagnosed severely depressed. i am over weight and use to eat my emotions until about a week ago really, but i realized it was time for a change so i went to my dr he put me on adipex he said to take it for 6 days only a half a pill until the 7th day then start a whole pill, he said i would not feel much of a change only taking a half of pill which i did not i didnt walk for like the first few days and then i just felt i wasnt just gonna lose weight setting around all day so i started out a mile then following day 2 miles then 3 miles and on the 4th day which is today i am going to walk 4 miles. i am day 2 on the whole pill and i honestly feel it is me making the change not the medicine i dont have that boost of energy the dr said i would have and i am only eating 1200 calories a day but usually i dont eat that much i stay around 800 calories could this be why im not energized like i should be because im not eating enough or could it be that i am on anti-bio-tics for an ear infection i only have three days left of them and have a 10 day script could that be a reason why i dont have energy or could it be the medicine just not working, my stomach is hungry sometimes but i dont eat i wont go over that 1200 cal. the last two days ive had to eat after my 2 and 3 mile walk because ive felt like i am going to puke maybe from not eating enough and then walking, and the energy i get for walking is me telling myself i can do it and when my legs start to ache and hurt i replay all the things hurtful that has been said to me over th eyears about my weight and it strives me to finish the miles im doing that day! i really do not know what to do can someone please help me, thanks.