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Adipex-P - I have been taking adipex for two days now. I'm very hungry and feel drugged up?

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InaT 19 Mar 2013

How often do you eat and what do you eat?

emiranda 19 Mar 2013

Well i take it in the morning so i don't eat anything till like 2 hours after tnking pill. I usually eat a yogurt with 190 calories.

InaT 20 Mar 2013

You have to eat small, healthy meals throughout the day, limit the carbs and sugar intake. can help you with a nutritional plan, along with Adipex. Their program give you great results.

InaT 20 Mar 2013

It is best if you take Adipex with a meal, it is a prescription and it might be too strong on empty stomach.

emiranda 20 Mar 2013

That's a great idea i am also gonna try half the dosage it might be too much for me. Thanks for the advice, very helpful.

InaT 21 Mar 2013

You are absolutely right, you should take only half/day for now, since you have never taken before. If half is enough for you, stick with half pill.
Good luck! I hope you reach your goal soon!

Inactive 23 Feb 2014

I started adipex one month ago. It caused me horrible side effects, but i wanted to loseweight. i tried 1/2 tab for 2 weeks and still felt horrible and hungary. i believe some pople are just not made for this. I stopped taking it on thursday and finally starting to feel normal on saturday. I also developed a rash on my thumb last week and believe it was from this. I am very glad to be off of it. I never lost any weight either. Some people it jus does not work. Keep a chart on how you feel and dont tug thru it like I did for a month. If your body doesnt like it, listen to it and stop. free discount card

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