I have just been prescribed Adipex and my physician was not very thorough in regards to what I can expect in terms of the amount of weight loss possible, or as to how quickly I will see results. He did suggest coupling this medication with the Slim fast program (2 shakes, 3 snacks, one meal under 500 calories). I started the first dose today and within 30 minutes I felt so energized and focused. I followed the Slim fast meal plan and walked briskly for 45 minutes. I am currently at 285 lbs. and my starting goal is between 35-50 lbs. I plan to continue this diet and increase my exercise time weekly. Does anyone have any suggestions regarding alternative diets or exercise routines? I am committed to losing weight in order to be healthier and to help alleviate strain on my hips and back from osteoarthritis and herniated disks. Thank you all in advance for any information that will help me make the most of this new journey.