I've been reading reviews from people who don't even weigh 200lbs who are on this medication for weight loss. How is that possible? I've been dieting and exercising since I was 12, when I weighed 162 at 5'2". When I was 22, I was on DepoProvera and got down to 128 at 5'5" but that only lasted two years. I've been yo-yoing between 200-255 since 28 and now I'm 45. My BMI for the last 17 years hasn't dropped below 35 and yet no doctor will give me any therapy except "diet and exercise." I'm dedicated to eating well and exercising and yet I consistently get zero results. It infuriates me that someone my height and at my TARGET weight (150#) is prescribed this as a weight loss drug but I can't get any doctor to prescribe me anything or even consider me for gastric surgery. At my age I'm far past doing this to look better - I want to live longer. What do I have to do?