I have been reading these reviews and I'm kind of getting worried about being on this weight loss drug. My Dr. put me on it yesterday, but I went over a month ago and asked to be put on it and he said he wanted me to be under 200 pds. when I can back or he wouldnt put me on it. Well I was. So I took my first pill this morning. I was extremely excited when he told me he was putting me on it! But, now I am having my doubts. He put me on it for six weeks and then I'll go back and he will decide if I need to be on it for another six weeks and then that is it, he won't prescribe any more. I'm 18 and weigh 201. I want to lose over 50 pounds. I have defaintly made this a life choice. I work out by using an ab circle, running and situps. I eat much less, drink nothing but water, and am on a 1800 calorie diet. I think it will work and once I lose it I will keep it off because it will be my life choice. But all these stories about people gaining it back are severly raining on my parade, and all these terrible side affects! Please let me know about this! Any and all advice will be highly appreciated!